Can artwork be purchased directly from Tamara?

Yes. For national and international purchases, Tamara can use Paypal or Etsy for the transaction. Please see available paintings here, and please send a message with inquiries.

Is international shipping available?

Yes. Please send a message to receive a shipping quote.

Can Tamara's artwork be licensed?

Yes. Please fill out the Licensing Request form to start an inquiry.

The prices say CAD, what does this mean?

Tamara is in Canada, therefore the painting prices on this website are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD). She accepts international transactions, and has shipped many of her artworks internationally. Please send a message if you would like an estimate in your currency, or a shipping quote.

Where can I see reviews from Tamara's customers?

Great question! Tamara has over 600 reviews on Etsy.

Are prints available?

Absolutely! Please visit Tamara's Etsy shop to see a lovely collection of available artwork.

Who does Tamara's printing?

Tamara is proud to do her own printing. She believes in low consumption and long life artworks. She uses archival inks and her printers and scanners are energy efficient and Energy Star certified. To see the prints she makes and offers visit her Etsy shop. To learn more about her sustainable business practices read her shop's About section. Tamara also collaborates with Fine Art America, and they print her work in larger format.

I am a student studying Tamara's art. Where do I get more information?

That's great! You can learn more about Tamara and what inspires her art in her About section, in her Newsletters which are archived on her page, through her Earthblog, and on Social Media (@TamaraPhillipsArt; IG & FB). You can also fill out this Student Form if you have any additional questions.

Does Tamara teach classes?

Tamara has taught a few workshops in the past, but has no plans to teach at this moment.

Tamara does share short painting demos, as well as process photos in her Newsletters. She also shares current developments on her Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Why do original paintings cost more than prints?

Tamara is a detail focused artist and paints using tiny paintbrushes. She layers watercolour which means she paints over parts of the painting many times, and all this takes a considerable amount of dedication and time. There are many other costs involved in art making including material costs, marketing, space rentals, etc.

Original artwork is valuable because of the time, effort, and sacrifice it takes to create it. Keep in mind that artwork also has intrinsic value, a worth much deeper than any time or material costs.

In comparison, prints (reproductions) are easier to produce and prices are largely based on printing costs.

Tamara puts love into all her artwork, including each print she makes. An original painting further contains the journey of that artwork.

I don't want to commission a painting, but I have a painting suggestion, how do I tell her?

That's great. You can let her know by adding your animal suggestion here.