Many thanks to everyone who has supported the Sumatran Tiger campaign! Together, we helped keep some of the last remaining Sumatran Tigers alive and free!

The fundraising campaign has now ended, but that doesn't mean you need to stop loving tigers!

You can still follow and support the Bukitbarisan Sumatran Tiger Rangers on Facebook.

And if my artwork moves you, you can still purchase a print on Etsy.


About Sumatran Tigers:

Sumatran tigers are critically endangered.

The population of Sumatran tigers surviving in the wild today is estimated at only 400 individuals. Sadly, these numbers are quickly declining.

I painted this piece in honour of these magnificent creatures and in an effort to raise awareness.

Profits from the sales of these prints were donated directly to the "Bukitbarisan Sumatran Tiger Rangers", a non-governmental organization operating directly out of Sumatra, Indonesia. This is a grassroots, community, bottom-to-top conservation effort, where courageous rangers risk their lives to save some of the last remaining wild Sumatran tigers. Purchases directly supported this wonderful collective and the last remaining tigers.

Please read my Facebook post to learn about the wonderful story behind this painting.

xo Tamara